Our School

In a safe and caring environment, rooted in Gospel teachings and Catholic values, students will work towards achieving their full potential and define their purpose.

St. Luke Catholic Learning Centre houses two programs for Secondary students: the Alternative Education Program and the Suspension and Expulsion Program. Students who are referred to the Alternative Education program benefit from an individualized student-centred approach to learning. Students are provided with targeted direct instruction in smaller class sizes with tailored course pathway plans towards the completion of their graduation requirements. Students voluntarily participate in the program in the hopes of earning credits and hours of community service, achieving pathways goals, and developing skills to build healthy relationships and a positive sense of self. When a student is suspended from 6-20 days or 20 days leading to expulsion, they are offered the opportunity to participate in the Suspension and Expulsion Program. The aim of this program is to provide ongoing academic supports so that students continue to have the opportunity to earn credits, and to direct students towards support services designed to help students develop critical problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Suspended and expelled students have access to the same support services and are afforded the same small class sizes and teacher supports as those students in the Alternative Education Program.

The school provides all students with access to specialized support workers and counsellors who meet the varied learning, emotional, physical, social and mental health needs of each student in order to promote growth and encourage students to develop skills for success. Students benefit from flexible programs and services not as fully available or individualized as is the case in mainstream schools. Some of these programs and services include health and wellness, psychological and behaviour supports, attendance counselling, addiction services, employment training, Dual Credit programs and Cooperative Education. St. Luke students also have access to a gym and fitness centre to promote their health and well-being. Community partners such as health agencies work with school staff to provide a higher level of rounded services for the students.

The York Catholic District School Board is committed to helping every student reach their full potential through the teaching of Gospel values and Catholic virtues in a safe and caring environment.